Changes due to COVID-19

To begin, I have had the privilege of practicing Emergency Medicine since 2000. It is an honor to
have patients trust you with their urgent/emergent health issues. And now, during this
unprecedented COVID-19 era, it is no different. My heart goes out to all of the people who have
been directly touched by this virus and its potential fatal outcomes, especially the first
responders, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, and other essential workers who have
continued to fulfill their duties during this time.

As the availability for COVID testing begins to increase, so will the numbers involved, but also our
ability to study the nature of this virus and how to combat it. As an osteopath, we focus on
finding one’s health. We understand that our bodies, like nature, operate on homeostasis and the
intricate balance of supply and demand. We also understand that structure and function and
related. A perfect example of this is the observation that many patients on ventilators with the
coronavirus have better outcomes when they’re positioned on their stomachs (prone). It will be of
utmost interest to collect this data and learn as much as we can about health optimization for
better outcomes against this virus and any others that may arise.

As we begin to reach the plateau of this virus, it is important that we stay informed of the
scientific research and data that is being collected and analyzed to better understand COVID-19.

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A few changes have been made to keep our staff and office healthy.

  • As of January 6, 2021, the doctor is fully immunized against COVID-19

  • The doctor is getting tested weekly for COVID-19 to keep everyone safe. She will be wearing a mask at all times. 

  • The treatment room is getting disinfected routinely per CDC guidelines. 

  • You will be required to practice hand hygiene prior to entering the treatment room and must

       wear a mask.

  • Every patient will be screened for symptoms PRIOR to their appointment. Anyone with

       fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, recent travel from a "hot spot" or known exposure to a COVID-19
       suspected/confirmed positive case in the past 14 days will be encouraged to self-isolate, contact their
       primary care physicians, the local county health department, and not come to our office.

  • The kitchen and waiting area will be closed until further notice, except for the sink for hand

       washing purposes.

  • We kindly ask that you wait in your car prior to your appointment.

  • Please, have all paperwork completed prior to your appointment.

  • Only bring essential items to your appointment, ie. ID, previous records, form of payment. 

  • No visitors will be allowed to accompany the patient unless the patient is a minor or

       requires a legal guardian to be present.

  • Our cancellation policy will be flexible to include unforeseen illness/known COVID exposure.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times. In the meantime, I
hope that you can take this time to: make healthy choices in your diet, catch up on much needed
rest, incorporate some daily exercise into your routine, keep in contact with loved ones through
safe distancing and the use of technology where available, practice meditation, and above all,

I am thankful for my loving children and family, my friends and colleagues, and
you, my current and future patients! Stay safe and stay healthy! See you soon!

Dr. Somoza

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